Vault Exposure Tracker

Mission Statement
To enable all firefighters the ability to easily document their exposures from any internet-connected device.

Our Story

Chris Memmott founded VaultRMS in May 2013 as a cloud-based technology platform for public safety agencies. Then and now, the company seeks to simplify the purchasing process for municipal governments without sacrificing the most up-to-date technology. The name ‘Vault’ was chosen to signify the superior level of security incorporated into every product.
Chris met co-founder Clive Savacool when he was presenting his training software to Clive, at the time an 18 year fire service veteran and Battalion Chief. The two started talking and Clive shared some ideas he had that could tie in with Chris’s product. After Clive retired from fire service due to a chronic lung condition, he and Chris reconnected. Bringing ideas for a daily log and simple way of exposure tracking, Clive joined the Vault team.

They partnered with the International Firefighter Cancer Foundation, San Francisco Firefighter Cancer Prevention Foundation, and the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance to build the initial product, using data to advance health and safety technology in the fire service industry and beyond.

With the launch of Exposure Tracker, Chris, Clive, and the Vault team seek to expand the footprint and provide support to other industries. With two products in beta and many more in the pipeline, VaultRMS is dedicated to providing products that improve the health, safety, and compliance of its users.