LR-x Technology

LR-x® is a mobile (iOS & Android) cloud based, easy to use, near-real time technology intended for heightened situational awareness of chemical spills, CBRN threat, airborne hazard events, and wildfire management. By producing a hazard visualization in near-real time, first response decisions can be made using 3D Wind Field and ALOHA model results in under 5 minutes by use of a mobile device or tablet. No other technology provides continuously updated modeling using current and forecasted weather conditions; essential information for making critical decisions related to threat assessment, on-site muster zone location, incident response location, evacuation considerations, and containment approach.

Several key features include:

• 100% mobile & cloud-based technology (no hardware required)
• Geolocates and uses closest public weather station to the incident
• ALOHA/CAMEO – EPA/NOAA dispersion (plume) model
• Generates models based on weather forecasts to better understand impacted areas
• Topographical maps encompassing 80% of the world (with the exception of extreme North and South poles) utilizing NASA digital evaluation models
• 60,000 Tier II Chemical Facilities shown on Google Map with company contact information
• Capability to ingest LIDAR scanned topography
• Accepts portable weather sensor data for hyper-local extended response
• Proprietary 3D wind flow visualization over complex terrain
• Internet of Things (IoT) integration with industry leading Coastal Environmental WEATHERPAK Sensors