Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

At Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, our main responsibilities are not limited to firefighting. We also respond to a wide range of incidents, increasingly those that involve our rescue capability. As well as responding locally, we can be called to help on either a national or international level. We are the national leads for virtual reality in the UK as nominated by the National Fire Chief Council, in creating and developing the training of the future.


We also work closely with other emergency services and our local authority partners to deliver an emergency response and protect our communities. We carry out an enforcement role to ensure members of the public are safe and businesses are operating in a safe and legal manner. While we always respond in an emergency situation. One of our priorities is to make the public aware of risks, helping make them safer in order to avoid accidents from happening in the first place. This is done through our community safety and education programs.


At the heart of everything we do is our purpose, which is to make people and places in our communities safer. Our Purpose Statement, safer people, safer places”, has been created to reflect this.