For 50 years, Kussmaul has provided requested solutions for Fire Apparatus and Emergency Vehicles around the globe.  The products developed at Kussmaul allow emergency responders to cut response time by keeping their vehicles energized and ready when seconds count.  Originating from On Board Charging Systems, AC/DC Load Management, High Idle components, Air Compressors to Dashboard Power Components, the company has focused on keeping the vehicles and equipment ready to perform.  Kussmaul patented the Auto Eject as the industry standard to shore power assistance.  As we move forward, we will continue to develop electronic equipment with Integrity, Quality, Durability and backed by second to none customer Service.  We at Kussmaul do not believe in “on size fits all”.  Each emergency vehicle is different and operates within their communities a different way dependent on the needs in each event.  Kussmaul, Customization is Standard.