Coolfire Solutions

Coolfire Solutions created the first situational awareness delivery platform called Ronin. The Ronin Platform was first built to help soldiers on the battlefield, with limited connectivity, access critical, real-time mission information and to achieve true situational awareness. Today, the same platform delivers a complete common operational picture to a variety of industries with users operating on the edge.

To achieve situational awareness, Ronin connects data from disparate systems, visualizes the information in the context of the situation, and allows users to communicate multi-directionally about active incidents. The Ronin Platform provides both command center and mobile-first field agent views, each customized to their roles and responsibilities. The platform is open and integration-friendly allowing for expansion and full-customization to specific use cases. The platform supports a multitude of use cases across a variety of industries including global military forces, transportation/logistics, smart cities, public safety, and first responders.

In 2018, Coolfire Solutions was selected by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate to develop smart cities technologies to assist public safety. The research and development work will focus on in-building sensors, unmanned aerial systems and on/off-body mobile SmartHubs, each of which will combine communications and sensors to increase responder situational awareness, building security and enhance mission-critical operations. The role of the Ronin Platform in this initiative is to tie together the unique sensors, incident data and disparate systems to present a common operating view in a single view for immediate, real-time decision making.