Centree focuses on Smart Cities, IoT [Internet of Things] and reporting emergencies. Our goal is to help cities and IoT companies understand their auditory data, and enable them to automatically detect and respond to emergencies, such as car crashes and car break-ins. Our current focus is on car crashes. Our product SmartBloc is an automated system that alerts Emergency Medical Services [EMS] the moment a car crash has occurred. Using auditory sensors and machine learning we have created boxes that are placed on streets and intersections that listen for car crashes, detect them and report them to the authorities. Reporting a car crash seconds after it happens can significantly reduce the time of response which according to testimonies from Emergency Responders and data from the Atlanta Police Department is enough to have an impact. Even 1 min can save a life and each minute of car-crash caused traffic costs the local economy around $1 million. SmartBloc saves lives, time and money and is an essential part of smart cities.