3am Innovations

We are a firefighter company drawing off our experience to create innovative products to save lives.

3AM’s patent pending technology will allow first responders to actively track and locate their members inside a building in real-time. The system is a simple wearable about the size of a deck of cards that can go in any pocket on the PPE, each unit talks to one another and works though all types of construction. The data will then be transmitted out to a tablet where the OIC will be able to monitor the situation through an “At-a-Glance” screen designed by firefighters to increase the situational awareness and not bog down the OIC with too much data. As an added feature departments will be able to use our system for debriefing after the event. They can log in through our secure website to review their exact event and interact just like they are standing at the scene once again, to develop advance training specific to their own department.

We are a startup company, founded by a volunteer firefighter who was tired of waiting for the tech scene to develop the necessary tools for first responders to ensure everyone comes home safely. We currently are in product development and plan to be in the market by Q4 of 2017. If you would like to provide support or show your interest (which always helps with our talks with investors) please email or call our founder and CEO, Patrick at 716-909-1956 or Patrick@3aminnovations.com