Smart Firefighting FDIC event

At this year’s FDIC, we hosted an event for Smart Firefighting members. Our members were able to make connections and discuss innovations in the first responder industry. The event included special remarks from our Venture Capital sponsors, Public Safety Network, Tech Nexus, and Responder Ventures. Followed by speakers from Texas A & M Product Development Center, First Net, Firefighter cancer foundation, Consumes Fire Department, and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue.

Even though we live in a digital world, you cannot replicate the magic that occurs when a group of innovators gets in one room. We are so grateful for everyone in the community and all of those who were able to attend. Our mission is to accelerate connections and make innovation happen faster in the first responder industry. I believe this event captured that pursuit.

The connections and opportunities that were born from this event have energized Smart Firefighting’s resolve.  We are excited to announce our next Smart Firefighting roundup at Fire Rescue International. Information will be released in the coming months.