Smart Fire Fighting Podcast

Everything Smart Firefighting is a podcast covering technologists, innovators, companies, and forward-thinking public safety agencies with real world deployments of smart technologies. Learn from interviews with leaders in public safety, government, industry, cyber-physical systems, and more.

The hosts, Kevin Sofen and Mike Mocerino, are founding members of the WeRespond smart firefighting community. They are both passionate about smart technologies and the future of public safety.

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Episode 56: The Technology of Tomorrow at Responder X Live

Responder X Labs has teamed up with Amazon web services, W.S. Darley, Verizon, and other industry leaders to showcase the next generation of technology for the first responder industry. The event will

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Episode 55: The Future of the Fire Industry with Dan Munsey

Chief Dan Munsey is Assistant Fire Chief of San Bernardino Fire Protection district, the California Fire Chiefs Association Operations section president, and part of the IAFC technology council. Dan has decades of

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Episode 54: Squishy Robotics Shape Shifting Robots

Squishy Robotics is a company that designs robots from tensegrity structures. These robots are light-weight, low cost, and robust, capable of surviving large impacts while carrying a payload. Squishy Robotics hopes their

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Episode 52: Lumkani Fire Detection

Lumkani is a company that provides fire detection devices to informal settlements. The company’s fire detector is specifically designed to monitor informal settlements for rises in temperature. Millions of Rands of damage

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Episode 50: Recapping Under Fire 2019

Kevin and Mike sit down to talk about 2019 Under Fire event in Texas. Under Fire is an event in the fire industry for emerging technology, first responders, and vendors. Sponsored by

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Episode 48: Unlimited UAV Power

Mike sits down with Todd Stave of Blue Vigil. They discuss the common power problem with UAVs, Drone safety, and the advantages of tethers, on this episode of Smart Firefighting podcast.

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