Smart Fire Fighting Podcast

Everything Smart Firefighting is a podcast covering technologists, innovators, companies, and forward-thinking public safety agencies with real world deployments of smart technologies. Learn from interviews with leaders in public safety, government, industry, cyber-physical systems, and more.

The hosts, Kevin Sofen and Mike Mocerino, are founding members of the WeRespond smart firefighting community. They are both passionate about smart technologies and the future of public safety.

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News, Technology, and More January 2020

Kevin and Mike shake up their podcast format to bring you their personal experiences at CES, which includes deepfakes, 360 videos, drones, and more. They talk about recent news in the fire industry,

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Episode 69: Drone Sense the Next Step in Your Drone Program

Kevin sits down with Joshua Pruitt of Drone Sense to talk about soft ware options for a departments drone program. They discuss Drone Sense and the features they provide to make maintaining

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Episode 68: Hickory Fire Department – Pre-incident Command Planning

Kevin sits down with Brian Murray and Mark Scott of The Hickory Fire Department. They discuss how pre-incident planning has changed over the years from 3-ring binders and handwritten notes to modern

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Episode 66: Paladin Drones at FRI

At FRI, Kevin had a chance to sit down with Divy Shrivastava of Paladin Drones. In this episode, Kevin and Divy talk about the need for greater situational awareness for first responders

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Episode 65: EMILY Robot at FRI

At FRI, Kevin had a chance to sit down with Paige Day of E.M.I.L.Y Robot. In this episode, Kevin and Paige discuss water rescue and how drones designed to be used in

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Episode 64: Levrum Data Technologies

At FRI, Kevin had a chance to sit down with Douglas Baily of Levrum. In this episode, Kevin and Doug discuss data technology for first responders and how it is collected, stored,

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