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Everything Smart Firefighting is a podcast covering technologists, innovators, companies, and forward-thinking public safety agencies with real world deployments of smart technologies. Learn from interviews with leaders in public safety, government, industry, cyber-physical systems, and more.

The hosts, Kevin Sofen and Mike Mocerino, are founding members of the WeRespond smart firefighting community. They are both passionate about smart technologies and the future of public safety.

Episode 29 - Bounce Imaging New Eyes for First Responders

Mike sits down with Francisco Aguilar CEO of Bounce Imaging to talk about their 360 camera that is supporting first responders and rescue operations. They go into applications for the device and how it can reduce risk to emergency responders.

Episode 28 - Blastmask Training True to Life

Kevin sits down with Justin Dickstein CEO of Blastmask to talk about SCBA training and how Blastmask is making it easier for fire departments. They go into firefighter fitness and the importance of simulating scenarios for training.

Episode 27 - Northern Star Guiding Firefighters

Kevin sits down with Jeff Dykes CEO and founder of Northern Star Fire to talk about the North Star Compass. They go into firefighter disorientation and how the compass will save firefighter lives.

Episode 26 - Responder Wipes Preventing Cancer in the Fire Industry

On this episode of Smart Firefighting Podcast, Kevin sits down with Tonya Cronin Founder & President of Responder Wipes. They discuss the problems with firefighter decontamination, and what Responder Wipes does to improve the process.

Episode 25 - Metis Tactical Injury Prevention worthy of First Responders

Kevin sits down with Hunt Whitten Founder & CEO of Metis Tactical and Jason Randall to discuss Metis Tactical. They discuss the increased occupational injury risks of Police, Fire, EMS, & Military Personnel, and how Metis creates prevention programs to keep emergency responders healthy.

Episode 24 - Everything Tactical Lighting up Innovation for First Responders

On the latest episode of Smart Firefighting podcast, Mike Mocerino sits down and talks with Juan from Everything Tactical. They talk about Everything Tactical lights, the S-Cut tool, and visual 911.

Episode 23 - FireHUD bringing Biometrics to Firefighters

Kevin sits down with Zack Braun CEO of FireHUD and Web Marshall a firefighter with 15 years of experience. They talk about FireHUD and how it can help reduce firefighter overexertion.

Episode 22 – First Due Sizing up Firefighter Scene Data

Kevin talks with Andreas Huber CEO and Co-Founder of First Due about the company and the problem they are trying to solve. They talk about scene data firefighters have access to and what can be done to improve the amount and presentation of this information.

Episode 21 - FirstNet bringing Innovation to the First Responder

Kevin sits down with FirstNet’s Director of Field Operations Michael Varney and FirstNet’s Senior Advisor Bill Schrier. They talk about FirstNet’s applications and advantages compared to the current system in use today.

Episode 20 - Public Safety Network and First Responders

Kevin sits down with TJ Kennedy and Jason Karp of Public Safety Network. They talk about the problems companies have had while trying to develop solutions for First Responders and how FirstNet and Public Safety Network are solving those problems.

Episode 19 - 3AM Innovations Cracking the Code to Indoor Firefighter Tracking

Kevin talks with Thomas Merrill, Fire Commissioner of Snyder Fire Department, about firefighter tracking and accountability. They discuss how technology is helping firefighters stay safer.

Episode 18 - Matt Stern

Kevin sits down with Matt Stern COO of Mira Labs. They discuss Mira Lab’s Augmented Reality technology and the easy-to-use headset that is shaking up the industry.

Episode 17 - Mike Cox and Richard DePrima

Kevin sits down with Mike Cox of Esri and Captain Richard DePrima of the F.D.N.Y to discuss Esri’s ArcGIS technology. They go into what GIS is and how it is being used to help first responders.


Behind Let's Talk Fentanyl - Michael Cashman

On this episode of Behind Let’s Talk Fentanyl Kevin sits down with Michael Cashman Senior Law Enforcement Instructor at NES. Michael discusses his experience in the clandestine laboratory field and how it’s evolved with the growing popularity of Fentanyl.

Behind Let's Talk Fentanyl - Evan Durnal

Kevin talks with Evan Durnal of MRIGlobal about what they do and how they are helping first responders in the battle against the opioid crisis.

Behind Let's Talk Fentanyl - Jason Tracy

Kevin talks with Jason Tracy about Detectachem and how it’s becoming the go-to tool for first responders when identifying unknown substances.

Behind Let's Talk Fentanyl - Christina Baxter

Kevin talks with Christina Baxter about her experiences and what she hopes people will take away from “Let’s talk Fentanyl”

Behind Let's Talk Fentanyl - Caleb Holt

Kevin sits down with Caleb Holt to talk about his qualifications and his background on First Responders and Fentanyl.

Let's talk Fentanyl - Full Podcast

The full 2 and half hour Fentanyl podcast. In this series, our experts tackle what is Fentanyl, The PPE available to first responders when in contact with Fentanyl, the detection process, and finally the decontamination process.

Let's talk Fentanyl - Part 4 - Decon

In the final part of our Fentanyl discussion, our experts dive into Fentanyl decontamination. They talk about how processing has changed because of Fentanyl, and offer solutions and techniques to help those in the field.