Next Gen Communications

Harnessing the power of emerging communication technologies

How can first responders leverage emerging communications devices and networks to communicate better at a scene? Keeping firefighters safe in an active event is dependent on clear communications. A new generation of devices and sensors are being developed. Together, they will not only allow for clear voice communication in any setting – from a high-rise fire to a rural fire; they will combine to give each firefighter needed voice communication and reliable data. These high-tech sensors and devices will work together to provide firefighters on-scene with a common operating picture so they can fight a fire or handle an emergency more efficiently.

What will the future hold? Technology moves rapidly.

What will the future hold? Technology moves rapidly. We can expect that fully functional cyber-physical systems (CPS) will be available. Instead of relying on voice-only communications, firefighters and emergency personnel will have the ability to see the larger picture of the active event. They will have both data connectivity and voice communication through smart devices that can attach to multiple access points and networking technologies. Radio broadcasts and broadband capabilities will become available even in the most remote areas. There will be a seamless distribution of needed information, whether data or voice, to aid in a successful outcome while helping to keep each protected by access to that information.

There will be a seamless distribution of needed information.

The challenge is going to be finding the technology that fits the individual needs of your crew and your department – and finding it at an affordable price. You will want to invest in technology that is reliable, secure and cost-effective.