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If you’re liable for the safety and wellbeing of others, LOCI can help you reduce risk with gamified training that is tailored to your specific context or environment.  LOCI’s microlearning design builds the right instincts by enhancing your situational awareness and decision-making skills so that, no matter the task, doing it right is a no-brainer. Our no-code game engine transforms any kind of instructions into relevant and memorable training games that can be delivered in dozens of languages, ensuring your messages are accessible to everyone. With LOCI it’s easy to create highly effective training and share it with anyone regardless of age, language, location, ability or device type, ensuring no one falls through the cracks on your watch.


Smart Firefighting PODCAST


An early adopter of webXR and Web3 protocols, Samantha uses immersive learning, digital presence and web-based accessibility to build behavior-changing training tools and bring safety into the future. Full of passion with a desire to disrupt and advance society forward, the current CEO / CTO founded LOCI, a location-based game engine that generates gamified content based on surroundings that measurably reduces risk in any environment. The innovative safety training platform’s powerful no-code course creator lets those liable for the safety of others build custom learning experiences that empower people with stronger recall in times of emergency.

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