Episode 75: The Fire Service Culture and Training with Brian Brauer

Kevin sits down with Brian R. Brauer, Associate Director, at the Illinois Fire Service Institute.

They discuss the role of the Fire Service Institute in the fire industry, they also dive into the fire service culture and how it has evolved. The fire service has been subject to many changes over the past few decades and that has changed the way firefighters are trained and what they are trained. To meet the challenges of today’s fire training the Illinois Fire Service Institute has embraced technology and assimilated it into their training. Finally, they talk about the mental health and cancer issues facing members of the fire service today.

As the statutory fire academy for Illinois, the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) serves firefighters throughout Illinois and the world. World-class instructors deliver more than 14,000 class hours to students online, on-campus and at regional training centers throughout the state.