Episode 67: Netage Fire Graph at FRI

At FRI, Kevin had a chance to sit down with Bart van Leeuwen CEO of Netage B.V. In this episode, Kevin and Bart discuss data in the fire industry and using it in real-time. Bart believes that getting the right information to first responders is more important than giving all the information available.

Bart describes the challenge of data management of first responders. The data is available, but getting it to first responders in real-time is the real challenge. Bart talks about focusing on the data needs of first responders instead of just creating an app or program that gives every little bit of information available.

Netage B.V. uses smart data to prevent first responders from getting injured. Their knowledge graph prioritizes incident information from closed and open datasets linked in 20+ databases. Role-based information distribution drives business innovation for fire departments. Fire activity data combined with smart city data is providing fire departments a path into the future. Netage B.V. uses innovative data techniques to provide Smart Data for Smarter Firefighters.