Episode 66: Paladin Drones at FRI

At FRI, Kevin had a chance to sit down with Divy Shrivastava of Paladin Drones. In this episode, Kevin and Divy talk about the need for greater situational awareness for first responders and how Paladin Drones has a solution to answer that need.

70% of the time, first responders do not know an emergency’s exact location. On top of that, they know almost no details about the situation until after they’ve arrived on scene. Paladin Drones built a simple system to give first responders instant situational awareness. Seconds after a 911 call comes in, our software automatically dispatches a drone to the scene of the emergency, and streams a live video feed back to our app. Their software handles everything else in the background: security, safety, weather, video, route planning, and more. This way, you can focus on saving lives.