Episode 58: First-Due at Responder X Live

The Responder X Live event in Chicago brought industry leaders from the public safety market together to see and interact with the technology of tomorrow. First-Due re-thinks pre-incident planning by collecting, analyzing, and formatting occupancy data.

First Due is an application that brings critical fire service-related data to firefighters on their way to a call. The application connects online and offline sources to create a summary of the important information about the scene. First Due goes a step further and displays the information in an easy to read format. Firefighters don’t have a lot of time to make decisions so being able to get all the necessary information about a scene in a quick readout will help improve efficiency and safety.

Properly sizing up a scene saves lives. Firefighters spend years training and practicing how to properly size-up fires. First Due won’t replace that training, but it will convey the information they need in an easy to read format. This application will help give the firefighter the proper presence of mind and confidence to make the right calls.

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