Episode 49: New Level of Safety by Venti LLC

Kevin sits down with Philip Tinsley of Venti LLC. They discuss hazmat sensing and how Venti’s Intelipod is a low-cost, lightweight solution to increase situation awareness.

Venti LLC is a technology firm that provides first responders with innovations that enhance real-time data collection, giving first responders immediate situational awareness. The company was founded by a team of DOD and Aerospace executives that worked in remote sensing. Venti offers a fully integrated system of low-cost, disposable sensors and a tactical data display that provides real-time information to first responders.

The Fire Front system collects data from several different sources and displays them on one screen in real-time. The goal of the system is to give firefighters a full picture of the scene with detailed information. The tool that makes this possible is the Intelipod. The Intelipod is a low-cost pod with a lightweight micro-sensor with Bluetooth/RF capabilities. The pod provides the condition, location, temperature, and velocity of the fire. Using the pods incident commanders can track the fire’s progression and warn first responders of potentially dangerous conditions. The Intelipods are incredibly durable and are capable of being shot from an air cannon or dropped from a UAV.

To learn more about Venti LLC visit here.