Episode 45: Welcome to AeroVista Drone Academy

AeroVista Drone Academy is a company that provides training for drone operators in the public safety industry. Public safety is an industry that holds a higher standard for safety because of the dangerous situations first responders face. AeroVista leverages their talented team to create intelligent, scalable programs for public safety members.

AeroVista’s professionalism is well defined. They were the 4th company to receive the FAA waiver for overflight of people. Overflight of people is one of the most challenging waivers to receive. The FAA requires companies to provide their own crash data. Crashing a drone might not seem difficult, but AeroVista’s drone was using a helium-filled balloon drone. The helium balloon made crashing difficult.  After ten months of data and correspondence, AeroVista was rewarded with the waiver.

FAA compliance can be a tricky thing for the public safety market. Because of the nature of their work, a higher set of standards is required. Despite the size of the department and the intended use of the drone can influence which certificate Part 107 or a Certificate of Authorization they should pursue. The Part 107 is easier to get because it’s for an individual, but a Certificate of Authorization is better in the long run. AeroVista’s approach is to have departments apply for both. While having both doesn’t provide any additional benefit, the process of getting a Part 107 will full fill some of the requirements of the Authorization.

First responders need every resource to keep the public safe. Companies like AeroVista Drone Academy provide the training and guidance needed to give any department the drone program they need.