Episode 42: Data Chief Smart Data for First Responders

What if first responders didn’t need to spend time collecting information while on the scene. What if when first responders arrived on the scene, they knew the best location to park their vehicle? What if they already knew how many people live in the area? What if before ever entering the building firefighters knew the room layout and materials used in the house? What if an organization existed that collects this information for first responders? It might surprise you, but that organization already exists. Data Chief collects information on communities’ occupants, contact information, construction, utilities, and more to give first responders every advantage.

When first responders have accurate information, they can make better decisions, faster. Firefighters don’t have a lot of time when they arrive on the scene. Data Chief gives them the critical information they need, giving them more time to prepare and plan. EMS need information about the residence to which they are responding. Data Chief takes surveys of communities, so they know which homes have special medical needs. Everyone makes better decisions when they have the right information.

Data Chief collects its data from online surveys, direct mail, government records, satellite information, OpenData, and institutional memory. They compile this information into a comprehensive database. The data is organized and edited into an industry-standard format that first responders can easily use. Data Chief’s data is easily uploaded into Computer Aided Dispatching Software Record Management System, or Emergency Response App.

Time is an ever-shrinking resource first responders need every advantage. Data Chief not only gives first responders more time by compiling the information it also promotes better decision making. What if first responders could save time and make better decisions? Try Data Chief and find out.