Episode 37: Kirk McKinzie Where is the Future of Firefighting Heading?

Kirk McKinzie is a Captain at the Cosumnes CSD Fire Department. He is a thought leader in the fire industry and has brought innovative technologies to the first responder industry. Technology is always changing and bringing new safer solutions to resolve old problems. Firefighters need to become more malleable and open to adopting these technologies. The future of firefighting is realizing the old way it’s always the right way.

When the fire industry started using thermal imaging cameras, no one expected them to become so relevant so quickly. Today hundreds of innovative technologies are entering the first responder market endeavoring to improve safety and efficiency when fighting fires.

Technologies that served one purpose are being redefined and updated to assist the public service industry A.U.D.R.E.Y is an A.I system that was originally intended for deep-space exploration. Over time the A.I has been adopted into the fire industry. While it’s years away from being an effective tool; 10 years ago, the idea of an A.I like AUDREY being used in the fire service was science fiction. Social technologies like Pokémon GO have shown how much a single technology can change the world.

Firefighters know that time is critical to saving lives, being slow can increase the risk to themselves and those around them. Adopting technology is no different, the slower a firefighter is to adopting technology the longer they keep people at risk. There will always be people who will be slow to respond to changing technology, but it’s the job of the first responder to find the best and safest method to save lives.