Episode 36 – Responder Ventures Bringing Entrepreneurs and Public Safety Agencies Together

You’re a first responder. You understand the job, like the back of your hand. One day after dealing with the same problem for the hundredth time, you have a eureka moment. You take some time, talk to your friends, and before you know it you have created something that solves that problem forever. Your idea’s great, but you don’t know what to do next. That’s where Responder Ventures comes in.

Responder Ventures is an organization that brings entrepreneurs and their solutions to the first responder market. They do this by investing capital and providing the tools needed for entrepreneurs to take the next step. Despite advances in technology, entrepreneurs still have a challenging time breaking into the First Responder industry.

Responder Ventures provides an ecosystem of collaboration through a program called Responder Labs. Responder Labs creates an ecosystem for first responders and entrepreneurs to engage and collaborate. This collaboration helps projects develop and increases the ease of adoption for first responders.

Responder Ventures is partnered with Amazon web services. Amazon provides technical support to entrepreneurs and agencies to fully utilize AWS cloud-based services. Public agencies can procure software developed by Responder Ventures entrepreneurs. This partnership alleviates the obstacle of how these innovators will distribute their software.

Entrepreneurs have a variety of obstacles to enter a market, and the public safety market is just as difficult to enter. Responder Ventures provides the tools and environment entrepreneurs need to succeed in the first responder industry.