Episode 31 Adashi Manage the Incident

For years firefighters have only had axes and water to fight fires. Today we have a new weapon to combat fires data. Adashi is a company that creates public safety software. They take public information (street location, hydrant location, floor plans) and filter it down to bring first responders the most important information before they even get on scene.

Adashi is a complete platform for incident management process. The dynamic software allows first responders to view and access mission-critical data. During a fire call, first responders don’t have the time to collect or search for pertinent information about a fire scene. Using Adashi emergency responders can pre-plan their plan of attack based on useful information they wouldn’t normally have available.

Firefighters have been fighting fires with axes and water since the first firefighter. While putting water on a fire is still the best way to put one out, data has become a stronger tool. Everyday innovative companies like Adashi find ways to help first responders be better and be safer.