Episode 30 – LR-x Helping First Responders make Better Decisions

Wildfires can change at a moment’s notice leaving firefighters in a bad position or unable to complete a Fireline in time. Despite aerial support incident commanders still, struggle to predict where a wildfire will go next. LR-x’s cloud-based software uses publicly available weather data to create a visualization of wildfires in near real time. This visualization gives firefighters critical information to inform their next decision.

Firefighters fighting wildfires are in a unique position. They need the most up to date information in a lightweight and accessible system and need to be connected to the command team. Luckily LR-x was developed in part by feedback from firefighters testing the system. Their software is 100% mobile and can be used on tablets by firefighters at the scene. The information displayed can be seen simultaneously on multiple devices keeping all scene commanders on the same page. The LR-x software is an invaluable tool for wildfire firefighters.

Wildfires are getting worse each year and firefighters need every advantage to help them battle the rising fires. LR-x’s software gives firefighters the information they need to make better decisions. With its 100% mobility, near real-time modeling, and continuous connectivity the LR-x software is an obvious addition to wildfire operations.