Episode 29 – Bounce Imaging New Eyes for First Responders

During a rescue operation knowledge is power. If emergency responders don’t have an accurate visual of the scene problems can occur. Emergency responders risk their lives entering collapsed structures and confined spaces. Bounce Imaging has created a tool that gathers important visual information without putting the responder at risk.

The Bounce is a camera that takes full 360-degree video and pictures. The device is easy to use and weighs less than a pound and a half meaning it won’t be encumbering to carry. First responders can throw the device into a collapsed building and get a full visual representation of the scene. Rescue crews can attach a rope to the camera and lower it into a confined or inaccessible location giving them critical information.

Simplicity seems to be a virtue of the Bounce camera as it is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and multiple devices can be connected at a time. The easy setup means users won’t have to jump through hoops to get the camera running.  First responders will be happy to hear it can survive drops from 7 feet without any damage and comes with a one-year warranty.