Episode 28 – Blastmask Training True to Life

A Firefighter’s training is incredibly important the more they train, the better they are during a call. Firefighters become familiar with their SCBA’s by training in them. Since SCBA’s are required to be worn when entering a structure, all firefighters benefit from extra training while wearing an SCBA. Unfortunately, SCBA’s require air canisters to operate, which means that firefighters won’t be able to train in their SCBA as often as they’d like. Collin and Justin recognized this problem and developed a product to allow firefighters to train more without using air canisters. The Blastmask gives a firefighter the ability to train on their SCBA without needing to stop to refill their air bottles.

The Blastmask is a device that attaches to the user’s mask and simulates the air flow when SCBA is active. In the line of duty, an SCBA regulator and pack reduce VO2 max by about 14.9%. The Blastmask with SCBA pack can mimic this reduction. By training with this restriction, the user is preparing their body to operate while wearing SCBA. Another benefit of the Blastmask is the savings on department resources. To refill the SCBA bottles departments will have to use a cascade system, which takes time and resources away from training.

Supplemental training materials like BlastMask have become a popular tool for departments and fire schools. BlastMask isn’t meant to replace SCBA training but to allow firefighters to spend more time getting comfortable in their SCBA. This extra training helps create muscle memory and promote readiness, the closer a firefighters training is to a realistic situation the more effective that training will be.

To purchase the Blastamask visit eDarley.