Episode 26 – Responder Wipes Preventing Cancer in the Fire Industry

Firefighters risk their lives running into burning buildings, they know the risks and take precautions to keep themselves safe. But more and more firefighters are being threatened by the after-effects of fighting fires. Recent studies have found that the residual chemicals from a fire could be the cause of the increased cancer rate among firefighters. Thankfully Responder Wipes is providing an effective way of removing the dirt, oil, and soot that keep these chemicals on the firefighter’s skin.

In 2014 the largest cohort study found an increased mortality and incidence risk for all cancers among firefighters. It is believed that chemicals formed as a byproduct of combustion could be the culprit. Since then there has been a strong movement in the firefighting community to get firefighters to take more time deconning after a call. Responder wipes add an easy way to remove the dirt, soot, and chemicals from a firefighter’s skin. Responder wipes are formulated with Micellar Water, an innovative ingredient with cleansing compounds that dissolves dirt, and lifts away toxins and impurities.

Responder wipes are small and easily stored in a fire apparatus. Their small size and single-use packaging make them ideal for use after a fire. Quickly removing the toxins and contaminants on a firefighter’s skin is essential to preventing long-term damage. Keeping first responders safe and healthy should be a priority for every fire department, and Responder Wipes is doing their best to fill that directive.