Episode 25 – Metis Tactical Injury Prevention worthy of First Responders

Police, Fire, EMS, and Military Personnel face a high risk for occupational injury. Recent NFPA data estimates that 68,085 firefighter injuries occurred in 2015. Of those injuries over half were caused by strain, sprain or muscular pain. These injuries can often be prevented through proper fitness programs. Metis Tactical uses a digital platform to customize the fitness program best suited for each firefighter.

Metis starts by evaluating each firefighter through a series of fitness tests. They look through the assessment and create a program that suits the subjects points of weakness. The program doesn’t stop there it updates its data points with each use. These updates create an evolving program that continues to improve with the firefighter. Metis’ fitness programs keep firefighters healthy longer and return from injury faster.

With health expense being so high, preventing injury is one of the best ways to cut costs. According to a study on economic consequences of Firefighter Injuries by TriData Corporations. They found that the average claim for a firefighter injury was $7,269. Not only is the cost high but being down a firefighter increases the injury risk for the rest of the department. Being able to get an injury under control quickly or prevent injuries entirely will save fire departments thousands of dollars. Though at the end of the day keeping firefighters healthy is the most important benefit and in that regard Metis Tactical delivers.