Episode 24 – Everything Tactical Lighting up Innovation for First Responders

Everything Tactical started as a company with a triage light for warfighters. The color of the glow could be adjusted making it a versatile patient marker. Everything Tactical expanded to emergency responders providing their lights for night time conditions, mass casualty incidents, active shooter, tactical scenarios. Their goal is to provide emergency responders with the tools they need to succeed.

First responders use lighting for a variety of reasons from using them to mark themselves and important objects to increase the visibility of the scene. Chemical lights while effective can be expensive and lack color variety. Everything Tactical lights can solve these problems. It can switch between four colors: red, amber, green, and blue giving first responders four different options instead of the one offered by chemical lights. The Everything Tactical light has a one-time cost, but its battery is replaceable, making it a cheaper long-term investment. Compared to chemical lights switching to an Everything Tactical light is an easy choice.

Marker lights aren’t the only product Everything Tactical offers. Two years ago, they released the S-Cut tool. This device will quickly cut through a patients clothing replacing scissors, knives or similar tools. One of the big features of the device is how easily it cuts through turn out gear. It uses a circular cutting blade that is recessed, this bit of innovation keeps the blade from cutting the patient. The S-Cut tool has been used throughout the emergency responder industry and is quickly becoming a staple for rescue operations.

Everything Tactical is dedicated to giving first responders the tools they need to stay safe. Their lights give emergency responders versatility in their marker lights while saving them money down the line. The S-Cut tool is becoming a staple in rescue operations. It is apparent that Everything Tactical is committed to creating new and innovative tools to help emergency responders.