Episode 23 – FireHUD bringing Biometrics to Firefighters

Heart attacks and overexertion are the leading cause of injury and death to firefighters. They push themselves past their limit every time they battle a fire. This constant strain can cause a firefighter’s body to give out. Despite the risks, firefighters continue to push themselves past their limit often without realizing. To combat this FireHUD has created a way to monitor a firefighter’s biometrics. This information will then be used to make informed decisions during and after a fire call.

The FireHUD Wrist is a device that a firefighter wears on their wrist like a watch. The device monitors and collects data on the firefighter and transmits it to the FireHUD web application. Some of the data it collects include heart rate, core temperature, calories burned, distance traveled, and exertion. The web application compiles the information into easy to read graphs. During downtime, firefighters can check their data and check department-wide statistics. Fire Chiefs and other authorized officers can use the in-depth analysis to check the fitness levels of the department and make more informed decisions.

Every day firefighters risk their lives to protect their communities and battling fires will always push them to the limit. Firefighters will always be victims of overexertion and heart attacks, but FireHUD will help reduce those risks. “Protecting our Protectors” is the goal of FireHUD and their innovative technology is helping them fulfill this goal.