Episode 21 – FirstNet bringing Innovation to the First Responder

The first podcast in our Fire-Rescue International series. In this series, Kevin Sofen sits down and talks with today’s innovators in the first responder industry. In episode one, Kevin interviews FirstNet’s Director of Field Operations Michael Varney and FirstNet’s Senior Advisor Bill Schrier.

Today consumer and business industries have seen a massive increase in smartphone and computer use. The applications on these devices have revolutionized these industries. That same revolution is happening in the first responder industry. Old technologies are being replaced with smarter, faster, and more reliable innovations. With these changes comes a change in how we send information. FirstNet is the infrastructure for this evolution in technology.

FirstNet wants to bring First Responders the data they need to keep them safe and be more successful. To do this FirstNet needs the innovators of tomorrow to bring their ideas to FirstNet in the form of software and hardware. The tools developed for FirstNet will be the first step in leading first responders into the future.