Episode 20 – Public Safety Network Bringing Solutions using FirstNet


Authorized by Congress in 2012, FirstNet is a reliable secure and high-speed nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. With the creation of FirstNet comes the opportunity for startups and companies in the first responder industry to create unique and innovative software focused on the first responder. The creators of Public Safety Network possess a deep understanding of the FirstNet model and its capabilities. This knowledge helps them provide the tools their clients’ needs to succeed using FirstNet.

 TJ Kennedy and Jason Karp founded Public Safety Network earlier this year. Both Kennedy and Karp were involved in the creation of FirstNet from a small organization to the nationwide public-safety broadband network. Jason Karp was FirstNet’s Chief Counsel for 3 years, and TJ Kennedy was FirstNet’s President for over 4 years. Their experience gives them the knowledge and skills needed to create Public Safety Network. Public Safety Network was created to help companies utilize FirstNet.

First Responders have been plagued with issues from using the current broadband services. FirstNet will provide the environment for companies to give first responders the technology they need to succeed. Companies will no doubt run into problems using FirstNet, but Public Safety Network will be there to help find the solution.