Episode 51: Don’t Waste Your Drones Data

Drones have become more accessible and affordable, which has led to first responders gaining a drone program. More than ever disaster response teams are using these drones to map the disaster area. Scholar Farms is a drone training company that trains industry professionals to use data collected from UAVs.

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Episode 50: Recapping Under Fire 2019

Kevin and Mike sit down to talk about 2019 Under Fire event in Texas.

Under Fire is an event in the fire industry for emerging technology, first responders, and vendors. Sponsored by Texas A&M Engineering Under Fire gives an opportunity for startups to showcase their new technology to an audience of first responders.

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Episode 49: New Level of Safety by Venti LLC

Kevin sits down with Philip Tinsley of Venti LLC. They discuss hazmat sensing and how Venti’s Intelipod is a low-cost, lightweight solution to increase situation awareness.

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