NIST Virtual Public Safety Test Environment Challenge

The Virtual Public Safety Test Environment Challenge, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Public Safety Innovation Accelerator, is crowd sourcing ideas and designs for measurement environments that use immersive virtual reality tools in conjunction with physical spaces to simulate first responder scenarios for accurate and repeatable testing of new first responder interfaces and technologies.

With NIST offering up $50,000 in prizes, we are confident there will be great ideas submitted and look forward to reading about them for the crowd voting May 8th through May 19th. We will be monitoring the contest as it progresses and will provide updates when available.

If you have an idea or read more about the contest, visit the Herox site here. 

Announcing the Launch of The WeRespond Innovation Community

A Massive Opportunity

Smart technologies will likely impact every aspect of how we live our lives over the coming years. Mobile Broadband has facilitated an era of smartphones and apps used to share data – from text messages and videos to photos and live-stream. Now, the technology industry is moving toward developing 5G technologies that will enable virtual reality, the Internet of Things and more. First responders need cutting-edge communication systems, clothing, vehicles, and equipment to their jobs, yet as the technologies evolve to meet the needs of more lucrative markets, many emergency response teams are left behind.

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Firefighting foam contaminates drinking water supply

In 1968 the addition of foam to the fire service changed the industry.  Foam allowed fire departments to increase their effectiveness while battling fires, especially chemical fires.  While the addition of foam offered many benefits, the American public is now experiencing serious health consequences.   If not contained properly, the PFOA and PFOS used in Class B foam can cause serious health side effects to human health.

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