Episode 75: The Fire Service Culture and Training with Brian Brauer

Kevin sits down with Brian R. Brauer, Associate Director, at the Illinois Fire Service Institute.

They discuss the role of the Fire Service Institute in the fire industry, they also dive into the fire service culture and how it has evolved. The fire service has been subject to many changes over the past few decades and that has changed the way firefighters are trained and what they are trained. To meet the challenges of today’s fire training the Illinois Fire Service Institute has embraced technology and assimilated it into their training. Finally, they talk about the mental health and cancer issues facing members of the fire service today.

As the statutory fire academy for Illinois, the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) serves firefighters throughout Illinois and the world. World-class instructors deliver more than 14,000 class hours to students online, on-campus and at regional training centers throughout the state.

Episode 73: Exploring the Benefits and Limitations of Technology in the Fire Industry with Stephen Kerber

Kevin sits down with Stephen Kerber, Vice President of UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute. Together they discuss the role of UL in the fire industry, different research campaigns UL is involved in, benefits and limitations of technology, evolving fire standards, the challenges of training around the new NFPA 1403 training standards, the false sense of security technology sometimes creates, and more.

UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) advances fire research knowledge and develops cutting edge, practical fire service education aimed at helping firefighters stay safe while more effectively protecting people and property. Working in partnership with the fire service, research departments, and agencies, UL FSRI executes firefighter research and makes the results widely available to the global fire community. With a team of pioneering experts and access to UL’s leading infrastructure, equipment, and vast knowledge and insights, UL FSRI conducts and disseminates research and training programs focused on the changing dynamics of residential, commercial, and industrial fires and the impact they have on strategies and tactics throughout the fire service.

UL Xplorlabs is an educational platform designed to encourage students to “solve through science.” It is especially focused on engaging middle-school students during a time in their educational lives when interest in science is shown to decrease dramatically.

Episode 71: The Evolution of Technology and Firefighters with Chief Dan Munsey

Kevin sits down with Chief Dan Munsey to talk about technology and where it is leading us. Are we leading technology or following it? How is the next generation of firefighters using this technology? What can a departments leadership do to encourage sustainable technology adoption? All this and more on this episode of the Smart Firefighting Podcast.

Dan Munsey’s Chief Biography