Episode 80: Smart Cities in a World Full of Pandemics with Paul Doherty

Kevin sits down with Paul Doherty the President and CEO of the digital group, inc. They discuss the behavior changes to the new normal around corona virus. How will our decision-making change going forward? Has the pandemic caused designers of smart cities take a second look at their designs? Is it time to start building cities around life without automobiles?

The digital group, inc is a company that provides industry-leading technology and management consulting services around the globe. Their delivery capability is anchored in an integrated set of core competencies that span people, processes and technology. Their service capabilities are coupled with practice competencies in Enterprise Search, Data Capability, Enterprise Mobility, System Administration, Web Software Engineering, Enterprise Solution, Information Management, Corporate Compliance, and Legacy Migration to name a few. The Digital Group is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with extensive technology experience in web enabled business solutions, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SharePoint and related technologies, Oracle, J2EE and Open Source

3AM Innovations Solutions Overview

In this virtual chat you will hear from the CEO of 3AM Innovations to discuss their software and hardware solutions for fire fighter location. 3AM designed, built, and patented a situational tracking system that will dramatically improve on scene awareness for the men & women who risk their lives for us daily. This offers a full-stack software solution that processes data sent from our wearables and pushes it to an app, no internet required.

Episode 79: Understanding COVID19 From a First Responder Perspective with Bobby Halton

Kevin sits down with Bobby Halton, American Firefighter, to talk about COVID19 and how the fire service is changing to meet the challenge. They talk about how this the virus ties into lessons learned around cancer mitigation and exposure risk. Bobby discusses how this is not really a black swan event because the fire industry knew something like this was coming, eventually. They compare COVID19 to past historical events like the Spanish Flu, and how we can prepare in the future.

Kevin brings up innovations in technology and how they can play a role around first responders addressing COVID19. They talk about innovations and Bobby talks about which technologies he is most excited for and which ones he is most afraid. Click below to listen to this episode of the Smart Firefighting Podcast.