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Ascent Integrated Tech is a research project based out of the Illinois Fire Service Institute developing the unifying dashboard to improve the safety of firefighters. Their platform informs Incident Commanders of where their team is and their condition, all while monitoring and mapping the fire ground. This information streams to the Incident Commander, combining fireground data onto an actionable single-screen platform

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Hear from Alex Gorsuch, the co-founder, and CTO of Ascent Integrated Tech which builds the unifying command dashboard for warfighters, firefighters, and SWAT officers by providing actionable insight on the health, environment, and location of the operator.

Alex led the development and deployment of many low SWaP-C ruggedized autonomous systems, diagnostics, human performance technology, and sensor arrays for defense and first responder operators. He also taught customer discovery plus tech and venture development for 5+ years, for the Army Research Lab, Department of Homeland Security, National Science Foundation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and more. Currently, Alex is writing "Hyenas Eat Unicorns: A Carnivore's Workbook for Mission-Driven Tech Entrepreneurship".

Check out Episode 138 of the Smart Firefighting Podcast for more info...

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