Announcing the Launch of The WeRespond Innovation Community

A Massive Opportunity

Smart technologies will likely impact every aspect of how we live our lives over the coming years. Mobile Broadband has facilitated an era of smartphones and apps used to share data – from text messages and videos to photos and live-stream. Now, the technology industry is moving toward developing 5G technologies that will enable virtual reality, the Internet of Things and more. First responders need cutting-edge communication systems, clothing, vehicles, and equipment to their jobs, yet as the technologies evolve to meet the needs of more lucrative markets, many emergency response teams are left behind.

The Wild-Wild-West Ecosystem

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the evolving smart firefighting ecosystem. As a Product Manager at W.S. Darley, our company first brought UAVs and Robotics to industry trade shows nearly six years ago. After building new solutions for fire departments, it quickly became apparent, that early adopters of modern technologies wanted and required more. After being asked to develop new solutions, we learned that this market is still “the-wild-wild-west” – fragmented across the globe, with many companies building unique solutions, all that will impact the way first responders do their jobs, but will also improve the health and safety of society.

The WeRespond Community

With the significant market opportunity in mind and a fragmented global ecosystem, we are announcing officially today the launch of The WeRespond Community, an innovation hub for the smart firefighting and emergency response marketplace. The community goals are to accelerate growth, knowledge, and connections across all verticals of the industry.

With the collaboration of industry experts, the WeRespond Community has developed its mission as follows:

The WeRespond Community Mission Statement:

WeRespond is a community that aims to accelerate innovation for emergency responders. Our goal is to bring together first responders, manufacturers, technology companies, startups, and government agencies to discuss opportunities and develop smart solutions.


The WeRespond Innovation Community (WeRespond) is partnering with solution providers across various domains in 2017 to allow for networking and knowledge sharing. Our plan is to host meetup events with major players in government, industry, and emergency responders looking to utilize smart technologies within their department. WeRespond will support a network of collaborators that together will allow for accelerated knowledge sharing and connections within the industry. We are excited to highlight some of the leading companies in smart firefighting and some of the most innovative public agencies at launch events in the years to come.

Become a Partner and Share the Experience

The opportunity to collaborate and develop solutions for pressing societal needs is an exciting vision. I hope that everyone interested will share in the opportunity by participating the WeRespond Community.

Anyone interested in learning more, becoming a sponsor, or becoming an event leader, please email me at