3AM Innovations Cracking the Code to Indoor Firefighter Tracking

In the past 15 years accountability has become a large focus in the fire industry. Firefighters used to enter structures without a way to track themselves. Leading to situations where a firefighter could be cut off or incapacitated, and no one would realize until it was too late. Every fire departments goal should be to reduce the number of preventable firefighter deaths to zero.

Currently, most fire departments use the tag system. Each firefighter that enters the scene will pick up a tag and return it when they leave the scene. The tag system helps keep track of how many firefighters are on scene and can be used to find out if anyone is missing. Thomas believes this process can be improved and that improvement is here.

3AM Innovations is a company that is hoping to replace the current tag system with their Flare System. The Flare System tracks each firefighter’s previous and current location. The system also tracks a firefighter’s elevation which is critical in a structure fire. No longer would firefighters be expected to remember who enters and leaves the scene. Another great feature of the Flare System is the ability to review the data from previous operations. Having access to this data helps improve a fire departments operation and can be used to train future firefighters.

The fire industry is notorious for being slow to adopt new technologies. Firefighters need to become more flexible with adopting the technology, even the simple addition of the tag system helped reduce firefighter deaths. 3AM Innovations Flare system has the potential to drop that figure to almost zero. Firefighters can’t afford to wait another 15 years.