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Everything Smart Firefighting is a podcast covering technologists, innovators, companies, and forward-thinking public safety agencies with real world deployments of smart technologies. Learn from interviews with leaders in public safety, government, industry, cyber-physical systems, and more.

The hosts, Kevin Sofen and Mike Mocerino, are founding members of the WeRespond smart firefighting community. They are both passionate about smart technologies and the future of public safety.

Past Episodes of the Smart Firefighting Podcast

E11: Jeff Kunst of TRX Systems, on GPS dead zones, FirstNet, and what's to come in 2018

TRX Systems delivers solutions to indoor location tracking where GPS is unavailable. GPS is an invaluable tool that has found itself used almost everywhere, but most people fail to realize that GPS won’t work while inside a building. Without the aid of GPS, safety personnel have turned to using verbal communication to provide their position to a command post. The Neon personnel tracker from TRX Systems works to make first responders safer by always knowing where they are located inside of a building. With the adoption of FirstNet first responders should keep an eye on TRX and how their technology will impact the future. 

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E10: Cory Hohs of HAAS Alert, on Responder to Vehicle Communications, Autonomous Vehicles, and Firefighting Safety.

Emergency vehicles have used the same method of lights and sound to alert drivers to their presence for years. However, each day emergency vehicles are hindered by drivers too distracted by their own music or navigational devices to notice the lights and sounds of an emergency vehicle. This has led to emergency vehicle crashes that can cost a city thousands of dollars in damages, a problem that HAAS ALERT is trying to solve with their innovative device. Cory and Keven also dive into Autonomous cars and the problems still facing them and how HAAS Alert might offer a solution.

If you are interested in buying HAAS ALERT you can find it at

If you want to learn more about HAAS ALERT visit their website at

E9: Jeff Adams, of Cobalt Speech, on Voice and Audio Technology in the Fire Service.

Jeff Adams, CEO and founder of Cobalt Speech talks with Kevin about speech technology, keyword spotting, voice assistant, and using audio as a monitoring system. Jeff has over 20 years of experience in speech and language technology. In this episode Kevin and Jeff explore the possibilities of audio and voice technology being applied to the fire industry..

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E8: Caleb Holt, of TEEX Product Development Center, on UnderFire and the innovative products of 2018

Caleb Holt, Center Manager of TEEX Product Development Center, sits down with Mike Mocerino to discuss an upcoming event called UnderFIre. UnderFire will be at Texas A&M University’s Disaster City and will feature the 20 most innovative technologies in the county competing to win the most innovative new product of 2018.The event will take place March 8-9th and is open to registration right now.

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E7: Clive Savacol, of Vault Exposure Tracker, discusses Incident Tracking, Health and Safety Practices in the Fire Industry

Kevin Sofen and Clive Savacol discuss new technology that helps prevent cancer in the fire service. VaultRMS works toward tracking fire incidents and finding ways for firefighters to reduce their risk of cancer and other chronic health issues. Leadership that pays attention to their departments health and well being will have less health incidents and better performance. 

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E6: Paul, of TEEX, on bringing First Responders into the Development Cycle, New Technology in the Fire Industry.

Kevin sits down with Paul from TEEX, about making First Responders a part of developing new technology. New technology needs to work for first responders, a technology that solves one problem but creates two more won’t be successful. Paul and Kevin also touch on First Responders being asked to aid in active shooter incidents. First Responders need different types of equipment to deal with these situations.

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E5: Dr. James Mullins FLAIM Systems on immersive VR/AR, haptics, training scenarios, and the future of training

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR) are hot technology topics. Are these technologies the future of training for public safety? Dr. James Mullins, CTO of FLAIM Systems, has developed FLAIM Trainer which combines Immersive VR with a patented haptics feedback system and real equipment to provide a unique emergency services training experience. Kevin and James explore the world of virtual and augmented reality, and the future of fire fighter training.

E4: Brett Ries on Cobb County's UAS program, training, COAs, and all things drones

If you’ve been paying attention drones, robotics, waivers, and regulations are hot topics in public safety. After talking about the potential of UAVs for many years, they are now having a shining moment, with major departments beginning to embrace the technology. Our guest today, Brett Ries, is the UAS Coordinator for Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services. Join us as Brett distills drones, training, regulatory issues, and program fundamentals.

E3: Peter Darley (W.S. Darley & Co.) on TechNexus Roundtable and innovating with DHS

From first responder technology to cybersecurity, technology is advancing faster than the average company can keep up. Layer in the government procurement process and compliance constraints and it can make for a long and arduous innovation process. That’s why Department of Homeland Security CTO Mike Hermus and Chief Procurement Officer Soraya Correa and their teams are attacking the challenge head on. Todays guest, Peter Darley (W.S. Darley & Co.) shares insights from a recent innovation roundtable at TechNexus and how industry can help innovate DHS.

E2: Caleb Holt TEEX PDC on UnderFire response innovation showdown

In this episode, we discuss an upcoming event hosted by TEEX. This event, UnderFire, will bring 20 of the top innovations to Disaster City for a competition to find the best new technology for first responders. 

E1: Welcome to the Smart Firefighting Podcast is proud to announce the launch of our new podcast. In this episode, Mike and Kevin discuss the idea of Smart FireFighting, the NIST special Publication “Research Roadmap for Smart FireFighting”