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Everything Smart Firefighting is a podcast covering technologists, innovators, companies, and forward-thinking public safety agencies with real world deployments of smart technologies. Learn from interviews with leaders in public safety, government, industry, cyber-physical systems, and more.

The hosts, Kevin Sofen and Mike Mocerino, are founding members of the WeRespond smart firefighting community. They are both passionate about smart technologies and the future of public safety.

Past Episodes of the Smart Firefighting Podcast

E5: Dr. James Mullins FLAIM Systems on immersive VR/AR, haptics, training scenarios, and the future of training

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR) are hot technology topics. Are these technologies the future of training for public safety? Dr. James Mullins, CTO of FLAIM Systems, has developed FLAIM Trainer which combines Immersive VR with a patented haptics feedback system and real equipment to provide a unique emergency services training experience. Kevin and James explore the world of virtual and augmented reality, and the future of fire fighter training.

E4: Brett Ries on Cobb County's UAS program, training, COAs, and all things drones

If you’ve been paying attention drones, robotics, waivers, and regulations are hot topics in public safety. After talking about the potential of UAVs for many years, they are now having a shining moment, with major departments beginning to embrace the technology. Our guest today, Brett Ries, is the UAS Coordinator for Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services. Join us as Brett distills drones, training, regulatory issues, and program fundamentals.

E3: Peter Darley (W.S. Darley & Co.) on TechNexus Roundtable and innovating with DHS

From first responder technology to cybersecurity, technology is advancing faster than the average company can keep up. Layer in the government procurement process and compliance constraints and it can make for a long and arduous innovation process. That’s why Department of Homeland Security CTO Mike Hermus and Chief Procurement Officer Soraya Correa and their teams are attacking the challenge head on. Todays guest, Peter Darley (W.S. Darley & Co.) shares insights from a recent innovation roundtable at TechNexus and how industry can help innovate DHS.

E2: Caleb Holt TEEX PDC on UnderFire response innovation showdown

In this episode, we discuss an upcoming event hosted by TEEX. This event, UnderFire, will bring 20 of the top innovations to Disaster City for a competition to find the best new technology for first responders. 

E1: Welcome to the Smart Firefighting Podcast is proud to announce the launch of our new podcast. In this episode, Mike and Kevin discuss the idea of Smart FireFighting, the NIST special Publication "Research Roadmap for Smart FireFighting"